Which Fruits Have the Most Sugar? Here are the sugariest fruits...

Which Fruits Have the Most Sugar? Here are the sugariest fruits...

Fruits can be the most delicious snacks in the world. Nutritious, satisfying and healthy. However, some fruits contain more sugar than others. This may not be healthy for everyone.

Fruits are quite healthy. Sometimes we consume it for breakfast and sometimes as a snack between meals. Of course, the habit of eating fruit varies from culture to culture.

Like many foods, fruits contain sugar. However, the sugar content varies from fruit to fruit. Some fruits contain almost no sugar, while others are quite sweet.

Candied fruits are not suitable for everyone. In general, dieters and diabetics should avoid sugary fruits. It can do more harm than good to health. Studies have also revealed how much sugar each fruit contains.

The Sweetest Fruits


Rich in fiber and other nutrients, Mango is one of the fruits with the most natural sugar. There are about 46 grams of sugar in one mango.


There are 23 grams of sugar in about one glass of black grapes.


Not only the cherry itself, but also the stem is very useful. But a glass of cherries has 18 grams of sugar.


The pear, which is the favorite fruit of winter, is sweet even though its taste is sour. One medium pear contains about 17 grams of sugar.


One medium slice of summer fruit watermelon contains 17 grams of sugar.


Figs, which are rich in protein and fiber, are also sugary. Two medium figs contain 16 grams of sugar.


Banana, which is a source of fiber, is a fruit that keeps you full. However, one medium banana contains 14 grams of sugar.

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