What Causes Acne On The Scalp? Precautions You Can Take Against Acne On The Scalp

What Causes Acne On The Scalp? Precautions You Can Take Against Acne On The Scalp

Everyone has acne problem on their scalp. If you are also having this problem, this content is for you. If you're wondering what causes acne on the scalp and what you can do, welcome to the content!

While doing hair care, you should not neglect the scalp. Even if the acne on the scalp is not visible, it can be very annoying.

If you have a lot of acne on your scalp, there can be many reasons. The common cause of all acne on both the face and scalp is excessive sebum production.

With sebum causing oily skin, the skin becomes acne-prone. With excessively oily skin, the pores become clogged and acne can occur. This goes for your face and this goes for your hair too.


*Acne can occur on the skin due to reasons such as not washing the hair regularly, air pollution, excessive humidity.

*Continuous collection of hair and sweating of hair follicles are also causes of acne.

If you do not clean your hair while applying conditioner to your hair, this will cause the pores on your scalp to become clogged and, as a result, the formation of acne.

* You can prevent the formation of acne by applying the creams that you will apply to your hair to the ends of the hair instead of applying them to the skin.

* The first thing you need to do to eliminate the problem of acne on the scalp is to make sure that your scalp is clean.


If you have an acne-prone scalp, exfoliating shampoos will be much better for you. Exfoliating shampoos help peel the dirty part of the scalp and prevent acne breakouts.

In order to prevent acne on the scalp, it is necessary to choose shampoos suitable for the type of hair. For acne that mostly occurs on oily scalp, special shampoos for oily hair should be used.

Hair care oils can clog the scalp. Therefore, if acne has increased on your skin, it may be better to take a break from these oils for a while.


* Hot water disrupts the sebum balance of the skin. For this reason, you should give up taking a shower with hot water to prevent acne formation.
* You should dry your hair immediately after getting out of the shower, as humid environments facilitate the formation of acne.
* One of the causes of acne on the scalp is that the hair is collected too tightly. You can prevent acne formation by leaving your hair a little loose without gathering it too tightly.

One of the questions that everyone wonders is whether acne on the scalp can cause hair loss.


Acne on the scalp indicates that the pores on the skin are clogged. It is normal for this unhealthy hair to fall out. By getting rid of acne, you can make your hair healthier and prevent shedding due to acne.

Pimples on the scalp can sometimes become inflamed. If you have yellow or white inflamed acne on your scalp, you should consult your doctor about this.

For these pimples, you should use the products recommended by the doctor. If you have such inflamed acne on your scalp, you should not share your personal products such as combs and hairpins with anyone.

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