Health Benefits and Uses of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Health Benefits and Uses of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Petroleum Jelly, also known as Vaseline, has been one of the best creams on the market for nearly 150 years. Because it is good for many health problems. So what are the uses of vaseline? Let's see together.

Petroleum Jelly, also known as Vaseline, has been sold in pharmacies and various cosmetic stores for about 150 years. Vaseline, which is still the favorite of dermatologists, is good for many skin problems except dry and worn skin defects.

Discovered by New York chemist Robert A Chesebroug, vaseline was put on the market in 1870 under the name 'Vaseline Petroleum Jelly'.


The reason why this is the first name; In 1859, when he went to the newly discovered oil wells in Pennsylvania, he saw a substance sticking to the feet of the workers. This paraffin-like substance clogs the work pumps and not only disturbs the employees, but also helps to heal cuts and wounds on their feet. Chesebrough returned to New York and filled the jars with this strange substance. Working on it for months, he saw that the substance he separated from the oil healed the wounds in the body.


Health Benefits and Uses of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

1- Vaseline helps heal wounds, heals dry injured skin and relieves redness caused by scarring. It also reduces the risk of infection.

2- Vaseline is good for eczema and psoriasis. It can relieve inflammation and keep your skin moist. This can help you itch and itch less.

3- Vaseline can relieve itchy skin in newborns and infants. If atopic dermatitis runs in your family, Vaseline can be a low-cost way to help your child avoid it.

4- Like mayonnaise, vaseline is a home remedy for lice. Studies show that it can kill adult lice. However, it does not prevent eggs from cracking, known as vinegar.

5- Before you go for a run, apply some Vaseline between your legs or on your heels. It can prevent friction in areas that rub against each other. If you have blisters, applying Vaseline to your wound can help it heal.

6- Vaseline protects the skin from external factors. This includes irritation and nappy rash caused by your baby's poop and pee. If your baby has a diaper rash, you can use it between diaper changes.

7- Vaseline can help you feel better if you have a flare-up of hemorrhoids. You can add a layer inside your anal area to protect your sensitive skin. This can make pooping more comfortable.

8- Vaseline can protect your skin against wind and cold. It is sufficient to apply a thin layer to any area that may be exposed to air. If the runny nose dries up, you can also gently rub it under your nose.

9- The skin around the eyes is thin. You can give your eyelids a little more moisture with some Vaseline. It is also a safe way to remove eye makeup.

10- Before taking your dog for a walk, rub some Vaseline on their paws. It can protect your dog's paws from the cold and salt on the pavements.

11- Vaseline can moisturize all parts of your hands. If your nails are brittle, it can help fill in and smooth out some bumps and rough spots.

12- Vaseline is also good for heel dryness and cracks. After cleaning your heels, apply some Vaseline and wear socks that will keep moisture in your feet during the night. Then repeat this for at least 1 week. Not just cold weather, but drinking less water can cause the heels to dry out.

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