It all started with a pimple on her lip! Her face is not the same as before, doctors can't find out why

It all started with a pimple on her lip! Her face is not the same as before, doctors can't find out why

The life of 18-year-old social media phenomenon Nancy Morel, who lives in Buckinghamshire, England, completely changed when she was 13 years old with a small pimple on her lip. Doctors still don't know why.

Nancy Morel, a social media phenomenon living in the Buckinghamshire region of England, did not take a harmless pimple on her lip when she was just 13 years old. Stating that she did not experience any skin disease until that age, the young girl went to the hospital when she saw that the acne on her lip was getting bigger and bigger.

Doctors stated that the reason for the swelling in the girl's lip was due to a drug allergy and sent her home, but after a few days, bruises began to form on her swollen lip.


Nausea and lethargy accompanied the bruises that started on her lip and slowly spread to her face, and Nancy and her family rushed back to the hospital.

In the following years, the doctors who tried to solve the problem of the young girl, who went to the hospital many times and met with different specialists, returned to the beginning with every treatment they applied.


"Many examinations and biopsies were performed, but my disease could not be diagnosed. At first I was told that the bruises on my face were urticaria, but after years of treatment, the doctors admitted that this diagnosis was wrong. My life has been full. The number of hospital appointments. I have been to many different doctors and still none of them know what the disease is on my face. doesn't know it is.''

Nancy says she's 18 and doesn't want to spend the rest of her life on the hospital roads.


Stating that the bruises that occur in the form of attacks in certain periods cause unbearable pain, the young girl states that there is nothing she can do during this process, she takes painkillers and tries to relax with ice compresses.

Explaining that her unusual skin condition and seeking treatment has drained her emotionally, Nancy says she still feels lucky to have the support she has.


The young girl, who has thousands of followers on social media, stated that she was stunned by the positive response she received both on the internet and in the community about her mysterious situation, and she tries to convey this message to people by discovering what makes her unique over time;

"Looking unique is really cool. If you have something special that not everyone has, take it positive and go around it. People on the street look at you because you're unique."

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