They Ate Spinach, Started Hallucinating: The Hidden Danger in Spinach

They Ate Spinach, Started Hallucinating: The Hidden Danger in Spinach

Health officials were alarmed when people who ate spinach in sealed packages sold in a supermarket in Australia began to hallucinate.

Spinach sold in closed packages in a supermarket in Sydney, Australia, alarmed the health authorities in the country.

While it was learned that Riviera Farms branded spinach was poisonous, it was announced that many people who consumed spinach needed medical care. While many people with symptoms rushed to the emergency room, it has been announced that 9 people have been treated so far.


Hallucinations, Palpitations and Delirium

Health officials announced that poisoned people applied to the hospital with a range of serious complaints, including blurred vision, dilated pupils, rapid heart palpitations, hallucinations and delirium.

Health Officials Warn

New South Wales Health authorities have issued a warning about packages of spinach sold at Costco supermarkets with an expiration date of December 6. In the published warning, it was stated that the use of the packages in question was not safe, and questions were asked to the buyers. to destroy packages.

Also, anyone experiencing any unusual symptoms after eating spinach was urged to seek immediate medical attention.

Dr. Darren Roberts expressed his satisfaction that there have been no casualties so far.


The Manufacturer Company Explained The Reason.

'Riviera Farms' company made a statement about the spinach packages that hospitalized dozens of people.

Explaining that they had downloaded the packages from the market shelves after receiving the news, the company claimed that weed was mixed into the packages in question, but that other products were not affected in any way.

Symptoms of Spinach Poisoning

When people with histamine sensitivity eat spinach, symptoms such as cramp-like pain in the stomach, itching on the skin, runny nose, and nasal congestion may occur.

Nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea and general condition disorder may develop in the presence of bacteria, chemicals or weeds contaminating the spinach leaves.

If there are symptoms such as bloody stools, severe vomiting, persistent fever and altered consciousness, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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