What Sweets Can You Eat While Dieting? Dessert List That Doesn't Gain Weight...

What Sweets Can You Eat While Dieting? Dessert List That Doesn't Gain Weight...

One of the things we miss most when dieting is sweets. Because sweets like chocolate help us to secrete happiness hormones and we feel happy at that moment. But not every dessert should be eaten during a diet.

Sweets, which are indispensable for many people, harm the body when consumed in excess. The sugar and flour contained in it have harmful consequences for human health in the long run, as well as cause weight gain. Especially when dieters have a sweet crisis, it is beneficial to turn to low-calorie and filling dessert alternatives instead of high-calorie cakes or candies.
Let's take a look at the low-calorie and filling desserts.

Desserts You Can Eat While Dieting

Dark Chocolate and Strawberry

Dark chocolate has properties that keep you full for a long time and balance blood sugar with its high cocoa, low sugar content and high fiber content. You can eat a few pieces of melted dark chocolate with three strawberries.

Walnut pudding

A pudding prepared with skim milk, whole wheat flour, grated apple and plenty of walnuts can be both a delicious snack and a low-calorie dessert alternative.

Ice cream

Since it is a low-calorie dairy dessert, you can add one of the plain or fruit ice cream options to your diet list twice a week. But stay away from the caramel and chocolate ice cream!

Oatmeal with honey

You can cope with your sudden sweet crisis by mixing oatmeal, which is a source of quality carbohydrates and high protein, with two or three spoons of honey and half a banana in a bowl.

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