Research: Fermented and High-Fiber Foods Reduce Stress Levels

Research: Fermented and High-Fiber Foods Reduce Stress Levels

Irish scientists found that a special diet reduces stress. The research focused on fermented and fibrous foods.

Recent research has revealed that diet is an important factor for mental and bodily health. A new study has proven that a special diet can reduce stress.

Ways to deal with stress include exercising, focusing on hobbies, and meditating. But according to one study, the type of food we eat plays a big role in how we deal with stress.

Researchers at the University of Cork in Ireland have found strong evidence that a 4-week diet reduces stress.

John Cryan, director of the University's Center for Innovation and Research, shared the results of new research on the subject at The Conversation. Research has shown that fermented foods and fibrous foods consumed for 4 weeks reduce stress levels.

The most well-known fermented foods include kefir and pickles, while fibrous foods include legumes such as apples and bananas, whole grain breads, broccoli, corn, cauliflower, carrots, peas, dried beans and chickpeas.

4-Week Study and Results

In the study, in which 45 people aged between 18 and 59 participated, the individuals were divided into two groups. The group was given two different diet lists, mostly women, for 4 weeks.

The first group was given a list of healthy foods, while the second group was given psychobiotic foods associated with better mental health. This group was recommended to consume 6-8 servings of high-fiber fruits and vegetables and 5-8 servings of grains per day. Also, 2-3 servings of fermented foods were included in their daily diet.

Those who followed the psychobiotic diet reported feeling less stressed than the other group. It was also stated that the more the stress factor is adhered to the recommended diet, the more it disappears. Those who followed the psychobiotic diet were found to sleep even better.

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