How to make rice pilaf? Tactics that make it delicious

How to make rice pilaf? Tactics that make it delicious

Rice pilaf is a popular dish. Use these tactics when making rice at home.

Rice is made differently in every culture. Pilaf is one of the most popular dishes. Rice is a very satisfying option for dinner. We will share with you the tactics that make it more delicious when making rice at home.

- Wash the rice first and let it rest for 4-5 minutes.
- Squeeze a few drops of lemon to keep the rice white while roasting
- Do not mix rice after adding water
- Cook on low heat
- Serve after brewing



2 spoonful butter
1 tablespoon of olive oil
2 tablespoons of barley vermicelli
1 cup of baldo rice
1.5 cups of hot water or chicken broth (1 glass of water should be used for plain rice pilaf)
1 teaspoon of salt


We recommend that you start your rice pilaf recipe by washing the rice. While the washed rice is resting, melt the butter and oil in a saucepan that will not stick to the bottom. Drain the vermicelli in a strainer and fry it in the frying oil until it changes color. (If you are going to make it plain, you can make plain rice pilaf with the same recipe by skipping the noodle roasting process and reducing the water as we explained in the Ingredients.) Put your rested rice in the pot and squeeze a few drops of lemon on it. Mix for less than 1 minute. Add your water and turn down the stove and close the lid of the rice cooker. After about 10 minutes, lift the lid and check if it has evaporated. If it has run out of water, turn off the bottom and take it to rest. In the meantime, you can wrap the pot with a cover to prevent it from getting cold. After resting, you can use a bowl as a mold and serve a tidy pilaf. Enjoy your meal...

Alternative service recommendation

Yogurt, soup, salad are among the foods that can be served with rice.

important warning rice should be consumed after cooking. Rice should not be reheated after 1 day.

Bon appetit for everyone.

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