Health Benefits of Apple, How Many Apples Should You Eat A Day?

Health Benefits of Apple, How Many Apples Should You Eat A Day?

Apple is a delicious and fragrant fruit with numerous health benefits. Apple, which should be consumed frequently by doctors, is very beneficial in terms of both health and beauty. So what are the general health benefits of apples?

Apple contains 85 percent water, 12 percent sugar, organic acids, soda, phosphorus, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, C, E and PP. I'm sure it will be enough just to examine these vitamins and minerals. However, I am sure it will be better for you to look at the regional and general benefits of apple.

What Are the Health Benefits of Apple?

It is stated that the organic acids, soda and phosphorus that the apple contains, which is good for all kinds of diseases, is extremely beneficial for the brain, liver and stomach. While reducing the cholesterol rate, it also increases the good cholesterol rate 4 times. In addition to being beneficial for heart health in terms of antioxidants, apples also delay skin aging. Apple, which has a positive effect on the muscle and nervous system, also fights with body and mind fatigue. It acts as a diuretic by working the kidneys. Apple, which gives vitality and freshness to the skin, is also effective against hemorrhoids.

How Many Apples Should Be Consumed Per Day?

Studies have proven that if you consume 3 apples a day, you can benefit from all the benefits listed above.

For example;

  • Eating 3 apples a day helps lower cholesterol by 10 percent in 2 months.
  • It is stated that eating 3 apples a day reduces the rate of bad cholesterol and increases the rate of good cholesterol 4 times.
  • If the apple is eaten before going to bed, it provides a comfortable sleep.
  • The skin that is wiped with fresh apple juice gains vitality and freshness.
  • Apple is good for digestive failure when eaten before a meal.

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