Foods That Can Be Poisonous! We eat almost some of them every day

Foods That Can Be Poisonous! We eat almost some of them every day

Did you know that certain foods can do more harm than good to your health? The stalk of some, the seed of others... Some get poisoned as they wait. Here are some foods that can be poisonous.

Did you know that some fruits and vegetables and even some spices can be poisonous? I think I can hear the answers. Of course, there are many fruits and vegetables that are poisonous in nature. And we don't eat them. However, there are some fruits and vegetables that we consume almost every day, and they can also be toxic.

Let's take a look at the potentially deadly side effects of some of the fruits and vegetables we eat almost every day.


Foods That Can Be Poisonous

Cherry Pits

The hard stone in the middle of the cherry is filled with prussic acid, also known as cyanide, which is poisonous. But you don't have to be afraid if you accidentally swallow it. However, avoid crushing your cherries or cracking the seeds while eating them.

Apple Cores

Apple seeds also contain cyanide, so it would be unwise to eat a handful as a snack. Luckily, apple seeds have a protective coating that prevents cyanide from entering your system if you accidentally eat them. But it's good to be cautious.


Eating unripe elderberry fruit, peel, or elderberry leaves may make you feel worse rather than better. They contain lectins and cyanide, two chemicals that can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.


Nutmeg gives a nice flavor when added to food in small amounts. However, when eaten with a spoon, it can cause big problems in your system. It contains myrsticine, an oil that can cause hallucinations, drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, and seizures.

Green Potatoes

Eating green potatoes with sprouts and tubers with a high glycoalkaloid content can cause nausea, diarrhea, confusion, headaches and death.

Raw Kidney Beans

Of all bean varieties, raw kidney beans have the highest concentration of lectins. Lectins are a toxin that can give you a bad stomachache, cause you to vomit or have diarrhea.

Bitter Almond

Both bitter and sweet almond types contain amygdalin, a chemical compound that can turn into cyanide, but bitter almonds have by far the highest levels. Eating sweet almonds is safe, but eating unprocessed bitter almonds can cause cramps, nausea, and diarrhea.

Raw Cashews

The cashews you buy from the grocery store with the raw label are not exactly like this. Before going on sale, they are steamed to remove a toxin called urushiol in their shells. Urushiol is the same toxin you find in poison ivy. Eating pre-steamed cashews can cause an allergic reaction and can be fatal if your allergy is severe.


Just like raw cashews, the skin, peel, and leaves of mangoes contain urushiol, the toxin in poison ivy. If you are allergic to poison ivy, especially if your allergy is bad, biting into a mango can cause a severe reaction, including swelling, rash, and even difficulty breathing.

Source: WebMD

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