Practical Solutions to Evaluate Narrow Spaces in Your Home

Practical Solutions to Evaluate Narrow Spaces in Your Home

No matter the size of the house, there is always a tight space in a room. No matter what we do, we cannot decorate these narrow spaces. But our recommendations will save you from this thought.

Narrow spaces in the house are quite annoying. No matter what we put in it, it's still hard to make it useful. On the other hand, it is costly. Because the furniture may need to be custom made. However, the products you can buy with the suggestions we will give will be economical products that can be found almost everywhere. In addition, our advice will be useful not only for those who have a narrow space in one corner of their house, but also for those whose house is small.

Practical Solutions for Narrow Spaces

1- Built-in wardrobes are among the most practical solutions for narrow spaces. Very stylish built-in wardrobes are also very functional.

2- You can save space with the shelves you will make under the windows and over the doors. You can put your books, belongings and plants on these shelves, create a stylish decor and get rid of the items around.

3- Sliding doors are also a great savior for narrow homes. With sliding doors, you can save space and at the same time ensure that the wall that the door opens is completely up to you.

4- If your house is not big enough, you can get help from colors to show it wide and spacious. Making the house look wider with colors is not limited to painting the walls in a light color.

5- Seat arms can take up more space than necessary. When purchasing, do not forget to make your selection accordingly.

6- Dark houses appear smaller than they are. If you want to show your home wider, get help from lighting. A decorative floor lamp and chandeliers lit with the right bulbs will do the trick.

7- High furniture is not suitable for small spaces. Also, high furniture takes up more space and makes the room seem smaller. You can choose low furniture.

8- Pay attention to the small pattern of the walls, floors and furniture upholstery so that the space can be perceived as spacious.

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