How to clean the dishwasher? 2 natural and easy ways to clean the dishwasher

How to clean the dishwasher? 2 natural and easy ways to clean the dishwasher

If you are thinking about how to clean the dishwasher, we are here with 2 different natural methods. Here are ways to clean the dishwasher without using chemicals.

Yes, although the dishwasher is tasked with keeping your dishes clean, it will also need maintenance from time to time. For a longer-lasting dishwasher, it is necessary to use it a little more sensitively and to maintain it from time to time. The list of dishwasher cleaning methods that you can do with the materials in your home without using chemical products will make your work in the kitchen easier and relieve you financially.



1- Carbonate - Vinegar


- To wipe the inside of the machine with a cloth, first unplug it.
- Pull the inner shelves of the machine forward or remove them completely and clean the inside of the machine with a cloth.
- Remove the dishwasher filter from its base, clean it with dish soap and dry it with a dry cloth.
- Remove the cutlery and propeller according to the instructions and wipe them clean with a vinegar cloth.
- Then replace the racks, cutlery, impeller and filter.
- Remove minor residues from previous washes.
- After wiping the inside of the machine, you can plug it into the socket.


- Put a bowl of white vinegar on the bottom shelf of the machine and run it for one cycle on the hot setting. After the program is finished, we will move on to the second step.
- Distribute a large pack of baking soda on the base of the machine. Start short time operation on hot setting once.
- You have successfully completed the cleaning process by washing the machine washed with vinegar with baking soda.

2- Arabian Soap

You can use liquid or solid soapy soap to clean the dishwasher:

- Unplug the machine.
- Remove any dishes or leftovers inside and empty the machine.
- Carefully remove the racks, impeller, filter and cutlery according to the instructions.
- Pour the Arabian soap onto a wet cloth.
- Wipe the shelves of the machine with this cloth.
- In the same way, wipe the inner surfaces of the machine with Arabian soap.
- Then dry it with a paper towel and leave the machine door open for a while.

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