How to clean parquet? 2 natural ways to clean parquet/wood floor without damaging it

How to clean parquet? 2 natural ways to clean parquet/wood floor without damaging it

If you are looking for a way to clean your parquets, which you have made by spending dozens of money to give your home a stylish look, without damaging it, here is the practical information you need.

Parquet and wooden surfaces are very sensitive. For this reason, you should choose the materials you will use for cleaning carefully. Heavy chemicals damage hardwood and wooden surfaces. Surface cleaners with natural ingredients and not low pH value should be used. However, the natural surface cleaners we rely on are not very reliable either. Because they are not 100% natural. With the parquet cleaner recipe we will give, your work will be easier, your money will stay in your pocket and your parquet will shine brightly.

According to the content on, there is a natural surface cleaner recipe that makes parquet and wooden surfaces shine without damage and prevents them from dusting for a long time.



1- Vinegar - Soap

Parquet, which is preferred in terms of keeping room temperature and having a beautiful appearance, can also be polished with vinegar and soapy water instead of cleaning agents. This step will restore the former shine to floors that have lost their vitality and shine.

Add soap or vinegar to the water you have prepared for the cleaning process. Do the entire deletion process with this water.

2- Vinegar - Olive Oil

If we want to turn to natural methods in your parquet cleaning, we can try olive oil. However, care should be taken when polishing the parquet with olive oil. Using more oil than necessary will make the floor slippery.

  • Drizzle a little olive oil over the cotton.
  • Let the cotton oil absorb completely. Place this cotton on the tip of the screw and start scrubbing the floor.
  • After a while, you will witness that the parquets look as alive as before.


Parquet and Wood Surface Care Guide

1- When cleaning parquet and wooden surfaces with the help of a vacuum cleaner, be sure to use the brush head of your vacuum cleaner for wooden surfaces. Otherwise, gravity will be strong and the broom head will scratch the parquets.

2- Prefer cotton cloths for cleaning parquet and wooden surfaces. Cotton cloths prevent such surfaces from being scratched and damaged.

3- After wringing out the cleaning cloth thoroughly, clean the surfaces. On wet surfaces, swelling and bad odor may occur over time.

Source: Onedio Edited by: Life724 Photos: Unsplash

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