How to clean the refrigerator? Natural ways to clean the refrigerator

How to clean the refrigerator? Natural ways to clean the refrigerator

Refrigerator cleaning is of great importance in the preservation of healthy foods. So how do I clean the refrigerator without using chemicals? The natural way to clean the refrigerator...

Occasionally, stains appear inside the refrigerator due to spilled food or products such as wet vegetables. If these stains are not cleaned immediately, bad odor formation starts in the cabinet. This smell infects all your foods, from olives to jams. Then follow this natural method to get a clean refrigerator with household ingredients without using chemicals.



1- Unplug the refrigerator from the socket.

  • Before you start to clean the refrigerator, you should unplug the refrigerator against a possible danger.
  • As soon as you unplug the fridge, the ice in the freezer compartment starts to melt and the cabinet rests for a while. You must clean up the melted ice immediately.

2- Remove Rotten Foods

  • It's time to throw away any rotten or near-perishable stuff in the fridge that smells bad. As soon as the food starts to rot, it creates an odor in the refrigerator. Mold growth can be observed if it is not cleaned for a while.

3- Remove the Shelves

  • First of all, remove the shelves in the mezzanine floors so that all parts of the refrigerator are clean.
  • You can spray refrigerator cleaning detergents on the counter and wait on the shelves. If you do not use detergent, you can briefly try the cleaning mixture we recommend with hot water.
  • After thoroughly cleaning the upper and lower parts of the shelves, wait for them to dry and at the end of the cleaning, put them in the closet dry.


4- Pre-Cleaning with Vinegar and Water

  • Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a bowl.
  • Remove the mixture with the help of a cloth or the soft part of the dish sponge.
  • Apply this mixture to all surfaces, starting from the top of the refrigerator to the lower shelves.
  • Vinegar will dissolve the stains settling inside the cabinet. It will also make the ice in the freezer part melt more easily. After cleaning the shelves, you can use the same mixture for the freezer part. We recommend that you also wipe the refrigerator door with this mixture.
  • After wiping the entire surface with vinegar and water, wipe it for the last time with a damp cloth. Then let it dry.

5- Gloss with Carbonate and Water

  • To try this method, dissolve a pack of baking soda in a glass of water.
  • Take the resulting mixture with the help of a sponge and apply it to all surfaces of the refrigerator.
  • You can avoid scratching the refrigerator by using a soft cloth during cleaning.
  • After waiting for 5 minutes on the surface of the refrigerator with carbonated water, clean the surfaces with a damp cloth.

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