How to remove coffee stain from carpet? 7 ways to remove coffee stain from carpet

How to remove coffee stain from carpet? 7 ways to remove coffee stain from carpet

The coffee that accompanies your pleasant conversations can fall out of your hand and spill on the carpet with a momentary distraction. But don't worry. We can state that you will clean the spilled coffee in a short time without using chemicals.

Those who do research on how to remove coffee stains from the carpet forget that the cleaning material they need is right next to them. If the coffee spilled on the carpet is not cleaned immediately, it dries up and leaves a yellow stain. The methods we will give you can remove both dried stains and newly formed stains.



1- Detergent

You can use any cleaning detergent to remove stains and keep the carpet clean:

-You can start with laundry or dish soap if you want.
-If it is a dry stain, dampen the carpet with a warm cloth first.
-Then, distribute the detergent you will use to the area with coffee stains.
-Allow the detergent to stay on the stained area for about 15 minutes and penetrate the stain.
-Then start rubbing the stained area in circular motions.
-After a while, opening and cleaning occurs on the moistened and detergent stain.
In the first stage, if the color of the stain has lightened but not gone, apply the second repetition.

2- Carbonate

-First, wet the stained area with a warm cloth and then sprinkle baking soda according to the size of the stain. Do not avoid the abundance of carbonate.
-The baking soda will wait on the carpet for about 15 minutes and will dissolve the stain.
-Then wipe the area again with a warm cloth and get rid of the stain.

3- Vinegar

-Mix some vinegar and drinking water in a bowl.
-Pour this mixture on the coffee stained area.
-Wait for the vinegar-water mixture to stay on the stain for a while.
-Then clean the area where you poured the mixture with a warm cloth.
-You can see that the color of the stain has lightened in a short time.

4- Mineral Water

-First, open the mineral water and pour it over the stain.
-Bubbles will form on the carpet as soon as you pour it. At this time, the stain will begin to dissolve.
-After about 10 minutes, you can start rubbing the stain with a damp cloth.
-You can easily clean coffee stains on sofas, carpets and other fabrics with this method.

5- Glycerin

-Have your glycerine, cotton and clothes ready before you start the cleaning process.
-Place a large cotton pad under the stain and pour the glycerin over the stain.
-After waiting for 5 minutes, wash your clothes in the washing machine.
-By using glycerin, you will transform the coffee processed into the fabric into cotton and make the cleaning work even easier.

6- Lemon

-Squeeze a lemon into a measuring cup or glass.
-Then add water to the lemon juice.
-Pour the resulting mixture on the coffee stained area and wait for 10 minutes.
-Then apply scrubbing for thick fabrics and machine cleaning for thin fabrics.
-Since your laundry will be delicate, it will be appropriate to clean it with a delicate program in the machine.
-You can remove the coffee stain that occurs in many areas with lemon water.

7- Salt

-Pour a large amount of salt on the strong coffee stain and spread this salt on the stained area with your fingertips.
-Let the salt sit on the stain for 10 minutes and then wipe the stained area with a damp cloth.
-You can try this method for newly formed coffee stains and stains that have passed a few days.

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