How to Make Soap at Home? Handmade Soap Recipe...

How to Make Soap at Home? Handmade Soap Recipe...

Soap is one of the best-selling hygienic products. The soaps we usually buy for washing hands and body, depending on the type. Although the market value is not very expensive, I am sure that using handmade soap is better for everyone.

Soap is a hygienic product that is usually sold for washing hands and face, removing dirt and germs. It is always the most finished hygiene product at home, as we wash our hands frequently. On average, in a house where two people live, liquid soap is bought every two weeks and a bar of soap every week. We almost buy more than personal care products.

Soap is just as chemical as other hygiene products. It contains foaming and chemicals that provide the necessary hygiene. Therefore, although it is a cleaning product, it is not innocent. That's why we have prepared handmade soap recipe at home. Whether you use it or gift it, keep it in your bathroom for decorative purposes. You can even sell and earn money by adding different colors and flowers.

Handmade Soap Recipe

Necessary Ingredients for Handmade Soap

  • Transparent soap base
  • Cookie mold, soap/scented stone mold or silicone mold
  • Flowers or different herbs
  • Steel container
  • Doap dye
  • Almond oil, sesame oil, coconut oil or any oil desired
  • Greaseproof paper

How to Make Handmade Soap?

  • Take the soap base in a steel bowl and melt it in a bain-marie. Continue mixing, adding the fragrance or oil of your choice.
  • Immediately after, you can add soap dye in the color you want and color it.
  • If the mold you will use is a cookie mold, silicone the edges of the mold and stick it on oil paper.
  • Immediately after, add some flowers or different herbs to the base you prepared, cut into molds and wait for it to solidify.

Soap Making Tips

You can make your soaps from soap base or from white bar soap.

There are 2 methods for this. You can cut and color the white bar soap, which you cut into small pieces first, by melting it in the bain-marie method as in soap base. Secondly, you can grate the white bar soap without melting it and add some water to it. This will form a dough. Then you can color it as desired and place it in the mold.

  • You can buy soap bases in various colors or buy a transparent soap base and put various herbs in it.
  • Immediately after preparing your soap base and pouring it into molds, bubbles may form on the surface. You can extinguish the bubbles on the surface by using spray cologne.

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