How to clean armchair and sofa? How to remove stain from sofa?

How to clean armchair and sofa? How to remove stain from sofa?

When you research the price of a seat in the market, you can take action to clean the seats with natural methods. Buying a new seat? How to clean leather, cotton, velvet and foal hair seats?

If you are thinking about how to clean the seats with tea, cake, coffee or ice cream stains; First of all, you will have to follow a path according to the fabric used in the upholstery of the seat. We will have separate cleaning recommendations for leather, velvet and linen sofas while answering the questions of how to clean sofas and how to wipe sofa stains.



1- Leather Seats: Vinegar and Olive Oil

*1/2 cup of natural olive oil
*1/2 cup of vinegar

-Mix vinegar and olive oil in a deep bowl and transfer the prepared mixture to a spray bottle.
-Spray this natural detergent with a spray on the leather seats to be cleaned.
-When it comes to the entire surface of the seat, wipe the seat thoroughly with a damp and soft cloth.

2- Cotton Seats: Soap and Vinegar

*1 coffee cup of vinegar
*1 cup of warm water
*1/4 cup liquid soap

-Mix all the ingredients on our list well in a bowl and let all the ingredients melt.
-Transfer these materials, which you will use to clean the seat stains that occur over time, into a spray bottle and spray the spray on the stained part or the entire surface of the seat.
-It is best to use a damp cloth to clean the detergent. The damp and soft cloth will remove the dust on the surface of the seat and will provide a new look at the end of the process.

3- Velvet Sofas: Dishwashing Liquid

*1 glass of warm water
*1 tablespoon of dish soap

-Shake the dish soap and warm water well in a spray bottle and spray onto the stained surface.
-Let the natural cleaner stay on the surface for a while.
-When starting the cleaning process, gently rub the velvet surface with a warm and damp cloth.

4- All Surfaces: Aspirin Cleaner

*Multipurpose Aspirin cleaner spray
*1 glass of water

-Before using this product, it is recommended to pour some water and open the detergent a little.
-Or you can spray a wet cloth and move on to cleaning the seats.
-We will have a recommendation in this regard: You should not apply the aspirin detergent directly to the fabric. You can mix it with water or pour it into a wet cloth.
-You can provide innovation by wiping the stained area in sofa cleaning.

5- Foal Feather Seats: Soap, Vinegar and Shampoo

*1 glass of warm water
*Soap, Vinegar, Shampoo

-You can add any of the materials in the list to 1 glass of warm water to clean the dirt on the foal feather seats.
-Then you can wet the cleaning cloth with this water and wipe the seat.

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