7 Colors That Shouldn't Be Used in the Bedroom! Stay away from these colors in the sleeping area...

7 Colors That Shouldn't Be Used in the Bedroom! Stay away from these colors in the sleeping area...

Designers and paint experts talked and gave advice on which colors to avoid in a bedroom. What are the rules to consider when choosing the best bedroom colors? Let's take a look together...

Experts say that, as with any room, you should carefully consider which direction the room is facing when choosing a color. This will help you understand the amount and type of light the space receives, and then you can select matching hues. So if you have a low-light room, avoid cool tones or choose something warm and light. Bedrooms are a very personal space, there are no 'wrong' colors, but there will be colors that don't match the energy you want the space to feel. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a color in the bedroom? What colors should not be used in the bedroom? Let's have a look.

Colors That Shouldn't Be Used in the Bedroom


By nature, red is refreshing, daring, bold, and while we love it for all these reasons, it's not really a suitable color for a bedroom. Colors that should be avoided in a bedroom are usually colors that do not give a sense of calm.


We recommend avoiding these bold, vibrant yellows as they won't help create a calming, sleep-inducing environment. You can choose a creamy yellow instead.


Gray is one of the most popular bedroom colors, but designers often recommend avoiding it in the bedroom. A gray bedroom is like waking up to a gray day every morning.


Blue is one of the most calming, serene hues on the color wheel, and there is a lot of color psychology involved in painting a bedroom blue. But which tone you choose is important. For example, if cobalt blue makes you feel energetic and alive, it's not a good idea to paint all the walls cobalt blue. Save this color for the kitchen and if blue is your favourite, focus on finding a version that will make you feel comfortable.

Bright Pink

Your bedroom is a room for rest and relaxation, and the colors that will prevent this are colors with high saturation. That's why you should stay away from bright reds, magenta pinks, bright yellows.


Using black in the bedroom creates a gloomy atmosphere. You don't feel alive when you get out of bed. Also, black absorbs light and energy.

Trend Tones

Save the trending colors you see all over Instagram and Printerest for smaller, less lived-in areas like bathrooms and hallways - these are the places to try. But when it comes to the bedroom, it's much better to keep it classic and choose colors that are long-lasting, won't wear out in a few months, and don't get boring quickly.

What Colors Inhibit Sleep?

Sleep-inhibiting colors tend to be over-stimulating, so bright and vibrant hues are likely to keep you from falling asleep. Avoid bright blues, greens, pinks, oranges and yellows. Opt for soft pastel versions instead, as they promote sleep.

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