What is Good for Nausea During Pregnancy?

What is Good for Nausea During Pregnancy?

Nausea is a natural consequence of pregnancy. It is said that the cause of nausea in pregnancy is due to the long hair of the baby. However, it is normal to experience nausea during the first 3 months or 9 months of pregnancy.

Nausea during pregnancy is a natural part of the pregnancy process. Nausea is common in the first 3 months. This may be hormonal as well as be caused by the baby. Nausea during pregnancy can sometimes be experienced for 9 months. This is different for every expectant mother.

We have compiled some information that relieves the pregnancy process where 9 out of 10 expectant mothers experience nausea.

When Does Nausea Start During Pregnancy?

Nausea and vomiting in pregnant women are generally seen intensely in the first trimester. As for the time, it has been revealed that it is seen more in the mornings. It is noticed that it gradually decreases after the 4th month of pregnancy. When does nausea go away during pregnancy? The answer to the question is that it generally disappears after the 5th month. However, this situation can be experienced in 9 months.

What Causes Nausea During Pregnancy?

We know that female hormones change with pregnancy. Sometimes these rising hormones react excessively and bring emotional factors with them. It is thought that these factors affect events such as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Although the medical name is Hyperemesis Graviarum, the exact cause of nausea in pregnancy is not known, but it has been suggested that it may also be caused by the pressure exerted on the stomach by the baby while it is in the abdomen.

What Is Good For Nausea During Pregnancy?

  • Get lots of rest
  • Avoiding factors such as nervousness and stress
  • The expectant mother should eat what she wants, not forcefully eat what she does not want.
  • Pay attention to fluid consumption, drink fluids between meals
  • When they wake up, they should not get up immediately and have a light snack with cracker-style foods.
  • Avoiding things that smell like perfume
  • Meals such as white chickpeas and bread can be snacked on

Moreover; Boiled potatoes, pasta and rice pilaf can be a solution to nausea complaints. Drinking ginger tea can relieve nausea. Consuming yogurt and cheese can also be beneficial. For morning sickness, eating chickpeas, saltine crackers and biscuits can be a good solution.

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