Spring-triggered disease: What is Fibromyalgia, diagnosis and treatment methods

Spring-triggered disease: What is Fibromyalgia, diagnosis and treatment methods

Illness that turns life into a nightmare; fibromyalgia. The biggest trigger is stress, fatigue and unmanageable quality of life. At the point where the body says, "I can't carry this anymore", the pain starts to go away. It mostly affects young women.

Fibromyalgia, which is commonly seen in the society and defined as soft tissue rheumatism among the people, impairs the quality of life. This disease mostly affects the young female patient group. It begins to appear in women, especially from the age of 20. We are talking about a chronic painful disease. It is common in society. "What kind of pain does it look like?" If so, we can talk about a common body pain. This pain is common body pain such as neck, back, waist, arm and leg pain. And this pain is of a traveling nature. If you have neck and back pain for a while, you may also have low back pain for a while.

Fibromyalgia Disguises Itself

Fibromyalgia is a disease in which all blood tests are normal in general and there are no specific findings on films and examinations.

It is more common in spring and summer. Especially climatic conditions and changes in air pressure cause pain to be felt more. There are also selected accompanying conditions such as migraine, skin and skin rashes, reflux, intestinal problems. Of course, we also see depression in these patients. The patient's depressive symptoms increase. In addition, the pain is seen a little more in general demoralization.

Stress and Fatigue Trigger This Disease

The most important feature of fibromyalgia is that it impairs the patient's quality of life.

The biggest triggers are actually stress and fatigue. Unmanageable quality of life. We are talking about a long-term illness. Sometimes we see a person who is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life, the intensity of the work tempo, and is overwhelmed. The body displays this as a signal. Body ''I can't carry this anymore. There is a need for reorganization and coordination here,'' says.

Fibromyalgia Treatment


Share Your Responsibilities

  • Give yourself time and space.
  • Share responsibilities.
  • Pay attention to your diet during the day.
  • Create feed management.
  • Manage your stress.
  • To exercise.


Personalized Physical Therapy

  • Electrotherapy reduces the pain caused by this disease.
  • Massage treatments give positive results.
  • Trigger point injections are made.
  • Neural therapy applications are made.
  • Ozone application also gives positive results.


Balanced and Healthy Eating

1- Especially avoid processed foods.

2- We want the carbohydrate balance to focus on a little more vitamin, mineral and vegetable weight.

3- Sunlight is a must. Pain may be more in these patients due to vitamin D deficiency.

4- We recommend a balanced diet with calcium, D, vitamin C and mineral supplements.

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