The Harms of Hot Water Bag (Thermophore) You Haven't Heard Before

The Harms of Hot Water Bag (Thermophore) You Haven't Heard Before

It turns out that hot water bags, which are often used to relieve muscle pain, are actually not as innocent as they seem. If used incorrectly, it can negatively affect your health. Here are the unknown harms of the hot water bag.

Those who cannot relieve their pain with medicines in daily life apply to hot water bags.

According to experts, a hot water bag, also known as a thermofor; It is a product made of materials such as rubber, which is filled with boiling hot water and maintains the temperature of this water for a certain period of time. It is generally preferred on cold days, muscle and abdominal pains. Conscious use of hot water bags is of great importance for health.



1- It is harmful to use a hot water bag without knowing the cause of the pain

Experts said that the misuse of the hot water bag can harm health. You should not use a hot water bag for every stomachache. If it's caused by appendicitis and not abdominal pain, it can have the opposite effect and your appendix may burst.

2- Pay attention to the use of hot water bags during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may experience lower back, back and groin pain during the day. In this period, it may be more accurate to use the hot water bag in appropriate ways for a short time. However, you should not make this practice a habit. If it becomes a habit, it can pose a risk of miscarriage. You should consult your doctor before applying.

3- It can be dangerous if there is an infection in the painful areas

It is not suitable for diabetics to use hot water bags and is not recommended by experts. The same is true for people with neurological disorders. Since these patients experience numbness, they cannot feel any possible burning and irritation. Hot water bags should not be used for pain caused by stones in the gallbladder. It may cause the stone to grow larger.

4- May cause burns and irritation on sensitive skin

The hot water bag made of plastic and rubber materials is not suitable for sensitive skin. Do not apply a hot water pack in case of fracture or joint dislocation. With the effect of hot water, edema can be collected in the problem area. This causes swelling in the bone.

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