What is good for heart palpitations? How do heart compression, tachycardia and palpitations go away?

What is good for heart palpitations? How do heart compression, tachycardia and palpitations go away?

Heart palpitations usually occur when the heartbeat is different and irregular than normal and the heart beats slower or faster. Heart palpitations differ from person to person. So how can this uncomfortable situation pass as soon as possible?

Heart palpitations occur when your heart accelerates between 100 and 140 and above, which is the average speed of your heart. Heart palpitations can occur for different reasons. In general, people with a stressful lifestyle face the problem of heart palpitations. Heart palpitations Heart palpitations may occur for about 20 minutes. You should definitely consult your doctor when you experience an uncomfortable situation such as increased heart rate or shortness of breath. Let's take a look at those who are wondering about heart palpitations.

What Causes Heart Palpitations?

Heart palpitations can also be caused by physiological or heart rhythm problems caused by excitement, stress, running fast, or excessive caffeine consumption. You may experience heart palpitations while lying down and suddenly. It is caused by problems such as sudden heart palpitations, stress, trauma, heart rhythm disorder. In this case, take deep breaths and take care to get plenty of rest. Heart palpitations that begin before bedtime can be caused by some diseases. Congenital heart damage can be caused by problems such as impaired heart rhythm. Heart palpitations during pregnancy can often be caused by problems such as increased blood volume, emotional and psychological factors, and anemia.

Causes of Heart Palpitations

The main causes of heart palpitations are:

  • Heart failure
  • Heart muscle disease
  • Reaction to certain drugs
  • Heart valve disease
  • Heart tumor
  • Heart infection and bacteria
  • Overactivity of the thyroid gland
  • Some congenital diseases
  • Consuming too much alcohol
  • Stress
  • Extreme exercise
  • Panic

What is Good for Heart Palpitations?

  • If you have heart palpitations, there are some methods you can do at home without going to the doctor. One of them is to consume valerian herb. Valerian is drunk after brewing with hot water. This nutrient helps relieve palpitations.
  • Another herbal method is to consume the mint plant. In addition, lemon balm and lavender tea are also good for heart palpitations.
  • Consuming the thyme plant, which is used to add flavor to the dishes on our tables, helps to relieve your heart palpitations.

What to Do in Case of Heart Palpitations?

If you are facing heart palpitations, try to take a deep breath and sit in a quiet place and rest. If palpitations continue afterward, drink a glass of water and try to calm down. If you are resting and it still continues and if there is a condition such as dizziness, fainting, or fainting, be sure to seek help from your surroundings.

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