What is an Ectopic Pregnancy? Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms and Causes

What is an Ectopic Pregnancy? Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms and Causes

An ectopic pregnancy, defined as a pregnancy located outside the uterus, can be life-threatening for some women. What is an ectopic pregnancy? What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

Pregnancy begins with a fertilized egg. Under normal conditions, the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy is a condition that occurs when a fertilized egg implants outside the main cavity of the uterus and begins to grow there.

An ectopic pregnancy cannot progress normally. The fertilized egg cannot survive outside the uterus and the growing tissue can cause life-threatening bleeding if left untreated.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

Since ectopic pregnancy symptoms are similar to miscarriage, early normal pregnancy, appendicitis, ovarian torsion, ovarian cyst rupture, urinary tract stones, digestive system problems and genital infections, they should be treated carefully in the differential diagnosis.

Menstrual delay, positive pregnancy tests, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness are seen in ectopic pregnancy as well as in normal pregnancy. For this reason, ectopic pregnancy is a phenomenon that can be confused with normal pregnancy at most for expectant mothers.

The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are as follows;

  1. Severe and constant pain on one side of the abdomen.
  2. Vaginal bleeding (a different type of bleeding than normal - bright or dark red blood)
  3. Shoulder pain is felt where the shoulder ends and the arm begins. This is a sign that an ectopic pregnancy is causing internal bleeding.
  4. Pain may be felt when urinating or defecating.
  5. An ectopic pregnancy can cause symptoms similar to gastrointestinal disease and is often associated with diarrhea and vomiting.

When Do Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms usually appear around the sixth week of pregnancy. However, some women do not have early signs of ectopic pregnancy; in such cases, an ectopic pregnancy is detected only during an ultrasound scan.

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant After an Ectopic Pregnancy?

If drug treatment is given, it is necessary to take a break for at least 3 months, but if pregnancy occurs in a shorter time, this does not mean that there will be a problem in the baby.

It is suitable for pregnancy after 2 menstrual periods if it has been intervened with the closed surgery method. If the surgery was performed with an open method, it would be appropriate to wait about 4-6 months for wound healing.

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