What causes stomach cancer? 5 factors that trigger stomach cancer!

What causes stomach cancer? 5 factors that trigger stomach cancer!

Cancer is a disease that occurs in many parts of the body and requires early intervention. Stomach cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. So what causes cancerous cells in the stomach? 5 factors that trigger stomach cancer.

With its simple definition, cancer consists of malignant tumors that arise when the cells in the region where it is located multiply with an irregular division. The most common type of cancer, which is a disease that should be prevented in the early stages, is stomach cancer. Research on stomach cancer has proven that these 5 factors are triggers.

5 Factors Triggering Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer, like other types of cancer, can be fatal if not detected early.


Although smoking is believed to cause lung cancer, it can also cause stomach cancer. Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, ammonia and many substances harmful to human health.


With the replacement of fast food meals, the increasing weight problem and obesity in the world can cause stomach cancer.


The possibility of alcohol consumption to turn into addiction at advanced levels is one of the health-threatening factors. When it turns into addiction due to the frequency of drinking alcohol, it can also bring stomach cancer.

Smoked and Salted Foods

Smoking is common in foods such as cheese, meat and fish products. In addition to this, salt, which is indispensable for the tables, is also used abundantly.

During the smoking process of food, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are formed. According to epidemiological studies, these smoked foods pose the risk of developing colon and stomach cancer. While excess salt can cause high blood pressure and damage the kidneys, it can also trigger stomach cancer.


Excessive consumption of pickles, which contain high amounts of salt and sodium, can cause some problems in your stomach. Eating too many pickles can lead to an acid imbalance in the stomach. As a result, you may have diseases such as ulcers and reflux. In advanced stages, it can cause stomach cancer.

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