What Causes Breast Growth in Men? Expert explained: Attention to 'breast growth' in men!

What Causes Breast Growth in Men? Expert explained: Attention to 'breast growth' in men!

Aesthetic-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Specialist stated that it is very important to interfere with breast growth in men, and that it can cause a serious mental trauma if not intervened.

Stating that breast size in men at an early age (adolescence and youth) can lead to serious lack of self-confidence, and although a very small part of breast size improves with sports, a surgical procedure is required for the recovery of a large part of it, said the specialist doctor, "If breast enlargement in men is not treated, it can cause permanent psychological trauma. " said.

Breast Size Treatment

Giving information about the treatment of breast size in men, the specialist doctor said, "There is no age criterion."

Aesthetic-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist; ''One of the most common operations in plastic surgery in men is breast size gynecomastia surgeries. In some men, the breast begins to grow like a female breast for various reasons. Especially during puberty, some breasts enlarge due to hormonal imbalances in men and a temporary gynecomastia occurs. It then becomes normal.

However, a growth above normal during adolescence affects the psychology of a child in adolescence very negatively. For this reason, if a man's breast size is above normal during or after puberty, he should be examined and treated if necessary.

Families should be careful about this. When the breast size of their child is above normal, they should definitely take them to a plastic surgeon. Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) treatment is not a difficult treatment process. These can be corrected by various methods, sometimes only by liposuction, sometimes by incision removal, or sometimes by a combination of both. Some children have breast enlargement so much that a woman may have a larger shape than her breasts, which we might call excessive breast enlargement. In this case, it is necessary to intervene immediately. Because these aesthetic operations have no age limit.

Plastic surgery is usually done after the age of 18. For example, it is necessary to wait for the age of 18 to attach a silicone prosthesis to a young girl who does not have breasts. If there is a problem with the nose in a boy or girl, we say that if possible, we can reach the age of 18 and complete the development of the nose and have a rhinoplasty. We never have age criteria for breast growth in men. Because if they are not treated during adolescence, they can cause permanent psychological trauma. This can seriously damage the child's self-esteem. If some of them are related to weight, they can be partially corrected with weight loss, sports and diet. However, most do not improve with exercise and diet. They must be corrected by surgical intervention.''

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