What Are the Symptoms of Sunstroke? Sun Stroke and Its Side Effects...

What Are the Symptoms of Sunstroke? Sun Stroke and Its Side Effects...

Sunstroke, which occurs when exposed to the sun for a long time, most negatively affects the health of the elderly and children. So what is sunstroke? What are the symptoms of sunstroke? Let's take a look together...

In very hot and very humid weather, excessive rise in body temperature causes damage to the body and brain cells, and sunstroke can even lead to cerebral hemorrhage.

Experts stated that depending on the degree of damage to the brain as a result of sunstroke, permanent or temporary neurological disorders may occur. Young children, the elderly, cancer patients, patients with heart and respiratory failure, metabolic and chronic diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes can be affected by extreme heat.

Sunstroke Symptoms

People exposed to sunstroke may experience symptoms such as leg cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, and low blood pressure. In such a case, the person's excess clothes should be removed and taken to a place with shade and air flow.

Sudden Reaction to Sunstroke

In case of sunstroke, it is recommended to drink salty buttermilk and water, as the mineral content is rich.

Experts said that applying cold compresses to the person exposed to sunstroke and taking a shower with cold water would also be beneficial, and that air conditioners and fans could be effective in lowering body temperature.

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