Superfoods that Boost the Immune System

Superfoods that Boost the Immune System

Fruits are indispensable for our diet, which changes color and shape according to the season. In general, we consume fruit because we know it as a storehouse of vitamins and minerals and we find it delicious.

The best and most delicious way to provide the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs is to eat fruit. Fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids and provide antioxidants that are beneficial to health.

Consuming more fruit has been proven by research to be a great way to improve overall health and reduce the risk of disease. So which fruits strengthen the immune system and act as a natural protector against diseases? Let's see together.

Disease Fighting Fruits


According to studies, lemon is at the top of the list of fruits that are beneficial to health with its high nutritional value and low calories.

The antioxidants contained in lemon are essential for human health. These compounds scavenge free radicals that can damage cells in the body and lead to diseases such as cancer. You can consume more lemon by dripping it into your drinking water or using it in your salads.


Its fiber and potassium content support heart health. In one study, women who ate 3 servings or more of strawberries per week had a lower risk of heart attack than those who ate less.


Orange, one of the sources of vitamin C, also stands out with its high nutritional value and low calories. It can meet 117 percent of a person's daily vitamin C needs. It boosts immune function by helping the body absorb iron from plant-based foods. Oranges also contain high levels of pectin, a fiber that can bind to chemicals that can cause colon cancer and remove them from the body and keep the colon healthy.


Compounds called furanocoumarins found in grapefruit help protect against oxidative stress and tumors and support healthy bones. In addition, grapefruit has anticancer properties that can be effective against breast cancer, skin cancer and leukemia.


Thanks to the many seeds it contains, blackberries have a high fiber content. This is good news for gut health and heart health. It also contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C.


High-fiber apple supports heart health and weight loss, and helps maintain intestinal health with its pectin content. Eating apples regularly helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and diabetes.

Other Super Fruits


It is anti-inflammatory, protective against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and restricts the growth of prostate cancer.


It controls heart rate and blood pressure, gives energy, provides bowel movements, and relieves stomach problems such as ulcers and colitis.


It reduces cholesterol levels and protects eye and skin health.

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