'Super Flu' Alert in England! 20 Thousand People Could Die...

'Super Flu' Alert in England! 20 Thousand People Could Die...

Health experts in the UK have announced that they expect a strong flu epidemic to hit the country very soon. Experts stated that 20 thousand people could die and the health system could collapse.

Like the rest of the world, the UK has been one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Health experts have issued a critical warning in the country, where the material and moral negativities caused by the coronavirus epidemic have just begun to recover.

Health experts said that this winter, the flu epidemic will be very harsh. Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) officials pointed out that more than 20,000 Britons could die during the harsh winter months.

In the warning, a call was made to everyone to 'get the flu vaccine' before winter comes. Especially with the decrease in natural gas supply from Russia, a tough winter awaits the UK and other European countries.

It is feared that the health system will be inadequate in a strong flu epidemic during the expected cold winter months.

At UKHSA, Dr. Susa Hopkins warns, "Protect yourself and lessen the burden on our healthcare system."

It was stated that the last strong flu epidemic in England was 5 years ago. It was reminded that more than 20 thousand people died in the epidemic in 2017 and more than 40 thousand people were hospitalized.

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