Smoking Causes Cancer in Cats, Dogs and Birds

Smoking Causes Cancer in Cats, Dogs and Birds

Health experts, who made a statement for October 4 World Animal Day, stated that smoking negatively affects all living things in the ecosystem.

Around 1.5 billion people worldwide smoke. This creates passive smoking in many non-smokers.

In cigarette smoke, many poisons such as arsenic, cyanamide, hydrogen, nicotine, ammonia mix into the air and animals such as humans become passive smokers by being exposed to these poisons. In addition, cigarette butts pose a major environmental problem. When cigarette butts are eaten by animals, they cause serious health problems in their bodies.

Smoking Causes Cancer in Birds and Dogs

Even the smoke of the cigarette we smoke next to our little friends we feed at home affects both their feathers and their internal organs in an irreversible way.

For example, smoking triggers lung cancer in birds and causes eye infections in many animals. It causes various types of cancer, especially nasal tip cancer, in all animals, especially dogs.

It is the duty of humanity to protect our pets and all other creatures living in nature from the harmful effects of smoking.

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