Side Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic: Brain Fog! What is Brain Fog and how is it treated?

Side Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic: Brain Fog! What is Brain Fog and how is it treated?

One of the biggest observed and adversely affecting daily life side effects of the Covid-19 pandemic was the 'forgetfulness' disease called 'brain fog'. So what is brain fog? How to fight brain fog?

Expert neurologists explained that it is very important to combat 'brain fog', which is one of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which causes mental dysfunction and seriously reduces people's quality of life.

Experts say that some people may experience moments in daily life where their brains suddenly stop or slow down. This situation can sometimes be caused by your psychologically stressed body, or it can be connected to any health problem. Experts pointed out that the frequency and severity of this increased during the Kovid-19 period and that it should be combated.

What is Brain Fog?

Expert neurologist, who gave information about brain fog, said, "Brain fog is a health problem that we have seen before, but we encounter more frequently with coronavirus infection. We see it more often in people with severe coronavirus infection. This is a mental dysfunction that occurs as a result of affecting the area of ​​​​the brain we call the prefrontal cortex.''

Brain Fog Treatment Methods

Drawing attention to the symptoms and treatment methods of the disease, the expert neurologist said, “The most important symptom of brain fog is forgetfulness. The patient is referred to the clinic with complaints such as not being able to find words while speaking, distraction, loss of concentration, inability to understand what he reads, not being able to finish what he started, and not being able to do two things at the same time. at the same time, not being able to finish the previous work, difficulty in any work that requires mental performance, reactivity, easy anger and sleep disorders.

In the treatment of brain fog, we provide diagnostic blood tests, neuropsychological tests and imaging to eliminate other mental causes that can cause forgetfulness. If we detect a cause other than the corona virus infection in the treatment of this condition, we first treat it. If there is no other reason, we recommend that you get plenty of fluids, foods rich in omega 3 and 6, avoiding smoking and alcohol, reactivity, getting angry, psychological support as in our routine treatment''

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