Scientists have discovered the 'Miraculous Fruit' that prevents the formation of Lung Cancer!

Scientists have discovered the 'Miraculous Fruit' that prevents the formation of Lung Cancer!

Scientists drew attention to the effect of the isoquercetin molecule found in the fruit of "actinidia arguta" grown in Japan on lung tumor formation in mice with cancer. Here are the details of the research.

The results of a recent study at Okayama University in Japan were remarkable in that it showed that isoquercetin can inhibit the growth and formation of lung cancer.

Studies have revealed that isoquercetin found in the fruit of "Actinidia arguta", also known as "Sarunashi", is effective in preventing lung cancer in the growth of lung cancer.

What Is Isocercetin?

In order to answer this question, first of all, it is necessary to know what quercetin is. “Quercetin” is defined as compounds (natural flavonoids) found in many fruits and vegetables that give them their color. Studies have associated this molecule with a reduced risk of many diseases. The news about this molecule preventing the disease and transmitting the symptoms of the disease more mildly in the Covid-19 pandemic also points to this fact. The form of the quercetin molecule that improves bioabsorption by 5 times and bioavailability close to 18 times is called "Isoquercetin".


Most Common Cancer Type

Lung cancer is known as the most common cause of death from cancer in the world. Although it is the most common type of cancer in men in the world; 3rd in women. It is estimated that there were close to 2 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths from this disease in the world in 2018. Consumption of tobacco and tobacco products is among the most important risk factors for the disease. At this point, “How does the research relate isoquercetin to lung cancer?” brings up the question.

Does It Help Prevent Lung Cancer?

In the research led by Dr Sakae Arimoto-Kobayashi from Okayama University Faculty of Pharmacy Sciences, the effect of "Actinidia arguta" (sarunashi) fruit on the growth of lung cancer is investigated. Actinidia arguta, a fruit rich in polyphenol and vitamin C, is grown in Okayama, Japan.

The research team shows in a mouse model that Isoquercetin (isoQ), the main component of the juice of this fruit, can help prevent lung cancer. With the research, it was pointed out that isoquercetin, which is a polyphenolic compound in this fruit, has anticarcinogenic (anti-cancer) potential and has an anti-tumorogenic effect in the study findings. The researchers interpret this situation as “The growth of lung cancer can be suppressed by isoquercetin supplementation”.

Active Component In Fruit Minimizes Risk

Studies have clinically shown that the active ingredients in the fruit can minimize the risk of chronic diseases, including cancer. "The bioactive properties of fruits have long been the focus of research. Epidemiological data support the association between higher fruit consumption and a lower risk of chronic disease," said the study's authors.


25 Percent Reductİon In Tumor

The study examines how Isoquercetin, found in the juice of the actinidia arguta (sarunashi) fruit, affects lung tumorigenesis in mice previously injected with the cancer-causing compound. At the end of the study, it was seen that the tumors of the mice decreased by 25.4 percent, and tumor formation was completely inhibited in 5 out of 9 mice. Oral Isoquercetin has also been noted to reduce the number of tumors in the lungs of mice.

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