Result That Worries Researchers! Plastic Detected in Breast Milk

Result That Worries Researchers! Plastic Detected in Breast Milk

In a study conducted in Italy, platic was found in a milk sample from a healthy newborn mother.

In the research conducted on milk samples taken from 34 healthy mothers who had just given birth in Rome, the capital of Italy, scientists were faced with the bitter truth.

Researchers detected microplastics in 75 percent of milk samples from mothers who had just given birth.

Although babies are more sensitive to chemical ingredients, breastfeeding with breast milk is the best option for the health and development of the baby. That's why scientists said more research is urgently needed.

Previous research has shown that microplastics have adverse effects on human cells, laboratory animals and wild sea creatures.

Scientists conducting the research in Italy noted that mothers use hygiene products in plastic packaging and consume seafood in plastic packaging with food and beverages. However, he did not find a direct link between it and microplastics.

Plastic waste has increased as the use of packaged products, from water bottles to food sold in plastic bags, has increased. This increased the amount of microplastics found in nature.

For this reason, it is thought that humans are inevitably exposed to microplastics dispersed in the environment.

The findings were published in the journal Polymers research.

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