Nutritional Methods that Strengthen the Immune System

Nutritional Methods that Strengthen the Immune System

Seasonal transitions, especially the transition period from autumn to winter, is the period when many diseases such as flu occur more than normal. During this period, you can stay away from diseases by strengthening your immune system with nutrition.

Dietitians and nutritionists warn that the immune system should be strong in winter. This is because we get sick from heat exchange.

The body temperature, which is between 36-37 degrees, cannot be fully balanced with the changing weather conditions during this period, and this causes the immune system to weaken. This decrease in the body's defense system makes the person vulnerable to infections and diseases.

Nutritional Recommendations to Strengthen the Immune System

Dietitians and nutritionists, who state that especially dark red-purple vegetables have high antioxidant content, say that yellow-orange vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants from carotene.


You can also get antioxidants from green tea and white tea. You can drink 2-3 cups of green or white tea a day. Consume fruit in 2 snacks a day.

Vegetables and fruits are at the forefront of the body's vitamin-mineral sources. If you are one of those who say that they do not like to eat vegetables; You can enjoy it by turning vegetables into soups and undercooked ones into spicy salads with yoghurt. Remember that it is more beneficial to consume raw and fresh.

Consume plenty of salad, onions and garlic. Using plenty of garlic and onions in meals will protect you from diseases. If there is no heartburn problem, you can include spring onions in salads. In addition, by including spices in your meals and salads, you can both sweeten your meals and strengthen your immune system.


Don't Forget to Consume Probiotic Foods

It is necessary to pay more attention to the consumption of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria for the intestines.

The first condition of a strong immune system is a healthy gut. We provide this with probiotics or foods that naturally contain probiotics. Foods with high probiotic content; We can give examples such as homemade yogurt, cheese, pickles. You can also take advantage of probiotic supplements for a stronger immunity.


On the other hand, get regular and adequate sleep. The factor that reduces immunity most easily is insufficient and poor quality sleep. Make sure your sleep schedule is in order of most importance to you.

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