Negative Effects of Hot Weather on Heart Patients

Negative Effects of Hot Weather on Heart Patients

Experts warned that heart patients should not go out in extremely hot weather. So what is the reason why specialist doctors warn heart patients not to go out in hot weather? Let's take a look at the effect of hot weather on heart patients.

Specialist doctors stated that hot weather affects many patient groups, especially heart patients, and suggested that those with chronic diseases should not go out between 10.30-17.00, and if they will go out, they should wear comfortable and light-colored clothes and wear a hat. So what effect does hot weather have on heart patients? Here are the warnings of the doctors...

Why Not Go Out in Hot Weather?

The specialist doctor warned that especially cardiovascular patients should be careful against excessive heat; 'Increasing temperatures are quite risky for cardiovascular patients. The same risk exists not only for cardiovascular patients, but also for kidney, diabetes and chronic patients. When exposed to hot air, the skin vessels expand and try to reduce the increased temperature of the body. For this reason, the load of the heart increases and the heart works harder. As a result, a number of problems arise.'

Make Sure to Wear a Hat

Specialist doctor who makes recommendations for cardiovascular patients who will go out in hot weather; 'I recommend heart and vascular patients not to go out between 10.30 and 17.00 in the evening. If they must go out, they should go out in loose, cotton and light-colored clothes instead of closed, black-colored clothes. They should wear hats. Simple measures are the easiest way. Apart from that, if they are taking diuretic drugs, they should adjust the dose of the drug with their doctor. They should drink plenty of water to prevent increased fluid loss by sweating. They shouldn't eat heavy food.'

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