Is Protein Powder Harmful? Side Effects of Protein Powder...

Is Protein Powder Harmful? Side Effects of Protein Powder...

Protein powder, which is one of the food supplements used by people who do heavy sports and bodybuilders, can cause many health problems. Side effects of protein powder on health.

Protein, one of the basic needs of the body, is an essential nutrient that supports cell development, prevents the formation of anemia, and strengthens body resistance and muscle tissue.

It is an organic compound with high molecular weight, consisting of protein and amino acids taken from foods such as meat, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, beans, chickpeas, almonds, pumpkin seeds.


Protein powders are obtained from isolating whey, casein (milk protein), soy protein and egg protein. Chemical and photoprocesses are used to purify the protein. These processes determine the quality of the protein powder and how much of it can be used by the body. When protein is taken into the body, it is digested by breaking down into amino acids in the stomach and small intestines. The protein absorbed through the small intestine is transported to the liver via the blood. Protein, which also meets the energy needs of the body, is used from the liver according to the needs of metabolism. Some cells also need protein for tissue and organ formation and development by forming peptide bonds.

Protein powder, which is a kind of nutritional supplement unconsciously consumed by people who are especially interested in bodybuilding, is to increase muscle mass quickly. So is it harmful?


Who Should Use Protein Powder?

The use of vitamins and other nutritional supplements should only be made with the advice of a specialist physician or dietitian. Increasing body need due to sports and exercise differs in each metabolism. However, regular and adequate nutrition of those who are interested in sports, exercise and bodybuilding, other than professional athletes, meets all the nutritional needs of metabolism. For this reason, it is not recommended for those who do not do sports professionally to take protein powder or other nutritional supplements, except in extraordinary circumstances.


Is Protein Powder Harmful?

Protein powder is a type of nutritional supplement that should only be used by professional athletes after determining the daily need under the guidance of an expert. Protein powder, which has benefits such as repairing muscle tissue and strengthening muscles and bones after heavy training, is not necessary for every individual who is interested in sports.

Protein powder taken due to excessive and unconscious use can cause bone loss and intestinal problems, which is one of the digestive system organs, by causing the body to be exposed to more protein than it needs.

Protein, which cannot be adequately absorbed by the intestine due to excessive use, can cause health problems such as diarrhea.

Unconscious Use of Protein Powder and Its Harms;

Heart Diseases

Since protein powder can cause a sudden increase in the amount of protein in the body, it causes heart fatigue and heart enlargement.


Protein increases the acidity of the blood. The calcium in the bone is used to balance this acid. Excess protein, which causes the calcium in the bone structure to be thrown out, weakens the bones and makes them brittle and causes bone resorption, known as osteoporosis.

Kidney Stone Formation

Protein powder, which weakens bones by removing calcium from the bones, leads to calcium concentration in the kidneys. With this accumulation, fluid loss after sports causes kidney stone formation. The kidneys also work to make protein available to the body. Diseases such as kidney failure can also be seen due to excessive use.

Liver Diseases

The liver needs to work harder to remove the unconsciously taken protein from the body. This can cause many health problems, especially in people with liver disease.

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