Incredible madness in the USA! Families apply 'hormone injections' to their children...

Incredible madness in the USA! Families apply 'hormone injections' to their children...

A new trend has started in the USA. US families, who thought that their children were short even though they had no health problems, started to give their children hormone injections.

US newspapers carried the new craze called 'Cosmetic Endocrinology' to their headlines. While experts say the new trend targeting young children sends a negative social message to young people and increases the risk of heart problems, obsessive families say they don't regret what they did.

3 Thousand Dollars Of Hormone Injection

A Manhattan father, whose name he doesn't want to be known, took action when he spoke to the New York Post when he learned that his 12-year-old son was in the top percentile of his growth chart in 2021.

The boy, who was approximately 1.34 meters tall, was taken to a pediatric endocrinologist and it was determined that his short neck was not caused by any health problems. After a long evaluation, the family decided to give their son a growth hormone injection for $3,000.

The father, nicknamed Robert, said they wanted to help his son grow up and said, "We thought the outcome was worth the risk."

It is Preferred Even When There Are No Medical Problems

While the New York Post newspaper states that most children who are thought to be short for their age do not have a growth-impairing medical condition, while obsessed wealthy families turn to hormone injections, parents say they are trying to protect them from peer bullying and want to offer them a healthier and more athletic body.

"All Rich People Do This"

Another mother speaking to the newspaper said that "all the rich are after this" and that some families force their children to get injections.

From Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Eric Ascher cautioned that the procedure has its drawbacks.

Increases The Risk Of Heart Problems

"Families think their children will be more athletic and attractive when given hormones, but this sends a negative social message to children at a very young age and increases their risk for heart problems," Asher said. He stated that it has become increasingly common since 2003, when he allowed the use of hormones.

It is known that hormone injection is widely applied to short children in China.

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