How to reduce fever at home? Antipyretic stuff

How to reduce fever at home? Antipyretic stuff

Fever is a serious health problem. High fever is dangerous. It is possible to get rid of the high fever problem at home.

In case of high fever, it is useful to be careful. Experts shared some methods that get rid of the high fever problem. However, it is still useful to see a doctor.

You can use these natural methods to reduce fever at home.

In a news published by Sabah newspaper, methods of reducing fever at home were shared.

  • It is good to take a shower with slightly warm water.
  • Drinking antipyretic medication is a recommended recommendation.
  • Drink plenty of water and pay attention to water consumption.
  • It is recommended to keep your nose open to breathe.
  • If compresses are applied to the armpit area with a cold cloth at intervals, the fever decreases quickly.
  • Open the windows to lower the room temperature.
  • Get out of your environment and get fresh air for a while if possible.

If the fever does not return to normal, go to the nearest health institution!

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