How Is Monkeypox Transmitted?

How Is Monkeypox Transmitted?

After the Kovid-19 outbreak in 2019, it was revealed when and how the Monkey Flower virus, which emerged in the past months, was transmitted.

Although the Monkey Pox virus is not as contagious and deadly as Kovid-19, the damage and scars left on the body scare many people.

Although the reason for the re-emergence of the monkeypox virus, which has been seen many times before, is not yet known, it is unsettling that it is a contagious disease. So how and at what stage is the monkeypox virus transmitted? Experts answered every curious question.

What Is Monkeypox Virus?

DNA viruses are less likely to mutate than RNA viruses. However, this does not mean that the virus cannot mutate at all. The atypical transmission trends seen in recent current cases raise the possibility that the virus may have acquired different characteristics. This will be determined by research to detect changes in the genetic material of the virus.

How Is Monkeypox Virus Transmitted? What are the symptoms?

Symptoms must be present for the virus to be transmitted. Therefore, it is easier to avoid the virus with visible symptoms. Apart from rash or lesions, monkeypox also has symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, muscle and back pain, weakness, fever and intense headache. One of the features that prevents the rapid spread of the virus is the mode of transmission. Monkeypox virus is transmitted by very close and prolonged contact. Transmission of the monkeypox virus, which requires close contact rather than respiratory transmission, limits its spread. It tends to be sexually transmitted, especially in recent cases.