How Does a Dry Throat Pass? What Is Good For Throat Dryness, Why Does It Happen?

How Does a Dry Throat Pass? What Is Good For Throat Dryness, Why Does It Happen?

Depending on the seasonal conditions, dry throat may also occur due to unhealthy diet and some harmful habits. It is a common problem in daily life, especially in winter. So what causes a dry throat, how does it pass? Let's take a look together.

Throat dryness is defined as a tingling sensation in the throat when swallowing and breathing. This discomfort, which usually occurs in dry and dehydrated environments, can also be associated with upper respiratory tract infections that develop during the cold winter months. Dry throat can cause periodic coughing attacks. Although it is seen as a simple problem, it negatively affects daily life by reducing the quality of life.

What is good for sore throat?

There are easy recipes that can be prepared at home to eliminate the problem of dry throat that develops due to environmental factors and some harmful habits. It is known that drinks such as linden, honey-lemon water and salt water gargle are good for throat dryness.

Alternative treatment methods that can be prepared at home and are good for sore throat;

  • You can relieve the dryness in the throat by regularly consuming warm water every morning.
  • You can drink linden tea at a temperature that will not boil.
  • If the cause of dry throat is microorganism-induced diseases such as flu and cold, consume foods containing plenty of vitamin C.
  • You can gargle with salt water. Salt water gargle keeps the throat moist and increases blood flow.
  • You can drink water with honey or milk with honey. However, at this point, make sure that the honey mixture you have prepared is warm.
  • You can drink ginger juice, not exceeding 2 glasses a day. Ginger makes it possible to relieve throat dryness by stimulating the salivary glands.
  • Chamomile tea, prepared with natural and herbal products, is an effective solution to relieve throat dryness.
  • If your throat is slightly dry, you can find a solution to this problem by increasing water consumption, humidifying the environment and resting your throat.
  • You should be gentle while swallowing, make movements that will relax the throat muscles and not talk too much.

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