Healing Depot What are the Benefits of Kohlrabi? Foods That Protect From Cancer Kohlrabi...

Healing Depot What are the Benefits of Kohlrabi? Foods That Protect From Cancer Kohlrabi...

Kohlrabi, which is a medicinal food with many benefits to human health, has been recognized and loved in a short time. Kohlrabi, which is a full vitamin C store, has entered the list of healthy foods that dietitians often recommend.

Belonging to the cabbage family, this vegetable looks like a radish in appearance. Kohlrabi, which started to appear on the counters from the spring, is consumed like cabbage and celery. Kohlrabi, which has two different colors, green and pink, meets 52 percent of the daily fiber needed by the body. It is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron, as well as vitamins A, C and B. In some studies, it has been determined that the kohlrabi vegetable is effective in destroying cancer cells.

What Are the Benefits of Kohlrabi?

1- Kohlrabi, which is rich in vitamin C, acts as a powerful antioxidant. Thanks to this feature, it protects the health of cells that have mutated and become tumors in the body. It prevents the formation of cancer. In particular, it cleans the lungs and intestines and resets the possibility of cancer here.

2- The most common ailment in eye health is cataracts. The condition that causes cataract formation is a decrease in vitamin A in the eye.

3- Potassium balance in the body is an important mineral for blood pressure disorders. When this mineral is low, it causes hormonal disorders and risky diseases such as high blood pressure and even stroke. However, kohlrabi balances the rate in the body thanks to the high potassium it contains.

4- It has a positive effect on dry cough and respiratory diseases. When boiled and consumed, it cuts chest pain and dry cough due to infection, especially during seasonal transitions.

5- It is one of the rare foods that increase the iron rate without gaining weight. Because kohlrabi is rich in fiber, it helps to lose weight. It accelerates metabolism. At the same time, it prevents serious diseases such as anemia by increasing the iron rate.

6- Since it is rich in selenium, which is effective in the development of intelligence, it also positively affects brain health. Experts recommend that children and expectant mothers consume it. It also has the ability to increase breast milk.

7- It calms the nerve cells and allows the person to have a comfortable sleep.

8- Calcium mineral strengthens muscles and bones. In this way, diseases such as rheumatism and osteoporosis, which are likely to be seen in older ages, are prevented.

9- It renews the body by removing the toxins accumulated in the body. This benefit is most beneficial for the skin. The skin, which is frequently affected by both external factors and internal disorders, prevents the formation of acne and acne by regulating the oil balance thanks to kohlrabi.

What Are the Negative Effects of Kohlrabi?

Kohlrabi, which can consume iodine in the body in a short time, can cause hormone problems such as thyroid. Therefore, attention should be paid to its consumption. A specialist should be consulted to find out how much should be consumed per day. Some experts recommend not to consume it more than twice a week.

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