Good News from Scientists to Cancer Patients: 'There May Be a New Treatment'

Good News from Scientists to Cancer Patients: 'There May Be a New Treatment'

Scientists are working on a new immune system-based treatment for patients with forms of cancer for which there is no cure.

Scientists are trying to develop a new treatment method that attacks tumors by redesigning the immune system for patients with cancer types whose treatment has not yet been discovered.

The experimental study of the scientists is currently being done with 16 patients. Each of these 16 patients is given a special treatment and a specific weak spot is targeted in their tumors.

The study focuses on T cells in the immune system. These cells are in charge of circulating in the body and investigating cell problems. T cells use a protein called a receptor to flag infections and potentially carcinogenic cells.

However, while it may be easy for T cells to identify a virus that has entered the body from the outside, cancer cells can be difficult to detect as they degenerate.

Genetic Exchange Technology: CRISPR

With this technology, which is considered as 'Genetic Scissors', specific and sensitive changes can be made in the DNA of living cells.

Colon, breast and lung cancer patients who do not respond to other treatments participate in the experimental study. While the disease progressed in 11 of 16 patients, the disease progressed horizontally in the remaining 5 patients.

The study is also being tested on the safety and viability of the technology. Scientists need larger studies to be able to measure the correct doses and effect.

"This is a step forward in the development of personalized cancer treatments," says Dr Antoni Ribas at the University of California, who was a member of the research team..

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