Familial Genetic Diseases Trigger Heart Attack

Familial Genetic Diseases Trigger Heart Attack

Studies have proven that some familial diseases are the biggest factor in the recent increase in young age heart attack cases. Regular control after the age of 16 is essential for early diagnosis and treatment.

Experts, who give advice to prevent heart diseases, said that it is important to do sports by drawing attention to the reduction of smoking.

The specialist doctor, who evaluated the recent increase in heart attack cases at a young age, stated that heart attacks depend on the level of cholesterol passed from family to child.

In addition, it was stated that some diseases such as having a very thick heart muscle from the family have a great effect on heart attacks, and it is important to go for a check-up after the age of 16 for early diagnosis and treatment. such diseases.

The specialist doctor said, “We have basic complaints about heart diseases. This includes shortness of breath and chest pain. Patients get tired more quickly than before and experience shortness of breath at a shorter distance. If there is a pain in the form of pressure in the middle of the chest, these people are more likely to have heart disease. Another symptom is headache starting from the neck and edematous swellings on the feet. Patients with such complaints should definitely consult their doctor.”

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