Clinical Trial Results of a Drug That Slows Alzheimer's Have Been Released!

Clinical Trial Results of a Drug That Slows Alzheimer's Have Been Released!

He announced the results of a phase 3 clinical trial of a drug that slows early-stage Alzheimer's disease. Phase 3 clinical trial results are promising.

A US pharmaceutical company announced the Phase 3 results of the drug, which will slow down the disease in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's, at a medical conference held in San Francisco.

In the statement, it was stated that the drug, which is a type of antibody therapy, reduces the concentration of 'amyloid protein' in the brain, which causes Alzheimer's disease.

1795 Alzheimer's Patients Participated in the Experiment

The clinical trial, called Clarity AD, enrolled 1,795 people ages 50 to 90 with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia related to Alzheimer's disease.

While 898 people were given medication, 897 people were given placebo (without active substance) medication. According to the 'first' results obtained from the experiment; It was stated that the regression in memory and thinking functions slowed down in people who took the drug containing the active substance, it could function for 18 months, and it also helped people with their daily activities.

Will Alzheimer's Disease End?

Amyloid protein accumulates around neurons in the brain in Alzheimer's patients, causing clumps and slowing down the memory and thinking functions of patients. However, in the use of drugs containing antibodies, the amyloid protein aggregates accumulated around the neurons disperse and the disease slows down.

These exciting findings could herald a new era for people with Alzheimer's disease. This proves for the first time in clinical trials that a drug can both reduce brain disease and slow memory decline.

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