Beware of Drinking Water During Meal, May Cause Digestive Problems!

Beware of Drinking Water During Meal, May Cause Digestive Problems!

Nutrition and diet experts warned that consuming water during meals can cause digestive problems.

Saying that drinking water can be the source of many ailments during food consumption, experts noted that it causes less vitamins and nutrients to enter the body by causing digestive problems and a decrease in enzymes.

Expressing that the water consumed during the meal also causes an increase in the volume of the stomach and provides an increase in food consumption at the next meal, experts suggest that water should not be consumed during the meal. Experts stated that the benefits do not end when water is consumed 30 minutes before meals, which prevents digestive problems, reflux in the stomach and excess calorie intake.


Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Meals

Experts who state that it is necessary to be careful about water consumption, said, “Water consumption 30 minutes before a meal prevents digestive problems, excess calorie intake, reflux formation and increase in stomach volume. At the same time, because it stimulates the brain, we prevent more food consumption thanks to water.

Consumption of water with meals causes digestive problems and an increase in stomach volume. Therefore, it will cause more food to be consumed at the next meal. To prevent these, water should be consumed 30 minutes before meals. This consumption is directly related to the weight of the person, an individual weighing 60 kilograms should consume an average of 2 liters of water during the day. If the person is in sports and activity, there may be more consumption.”

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