A British Man Has Been Fighting The Covid-19 Virus For 411 Days

A British Man Has Been Fighting The Covid-19 Virus For 411 Days

British scientists have been closely monitoring the patient, who has been battling coronavirus for more than 411 days. Specialist doctors went as far as re-examining the genetic sequence to help the patient get rid of the virus.

It is known that the 59-year-old patient, who first caught the Covid-19 virus in December 2020, has been positive for 411 days. It was noted that the patient, whose immune system was weakened due to kidney transplantation and use of immunosuppressive drugs, needed a different treatment method.

After testing positive in February 2021 and January 2022, a group of scientists in London turned to genetic analysis of the virus. It was found to be present with minor variations on examinations and affect the persistence of the disease process. While this process did not show any change in the patient's pain and symptoms, it was understood that a chronic coronavirus infection continued.

The Treatment Process Is Different From Other Patients

Chronic coronavirus infection has a different course of treatment from normal cases, as it has long-lasting effects.

Infectious diseases expert and case researcher Luke Blagdon Snell told the Washington Post, "The Omicron variant is infecting everyone today. Its variants are very old and constantly updated. Therefore, it is not easy to detect the new virus.” He said that the treatment of the patient is difficult.

In the test performed on the patient in the last days of 2020, it was determined that the last Covid-19 virus variant he carried was B.1.177.18. For this reason, it was reported that the team could only administer antibody therapy to the patient.

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