8 Suggestions for Spiritual, Mental and Physical Regeneration

8 Suggestions for Spiritual, Mental and Physical Regeneration

With the advice of expert psychologists, we have compiled 8 methods that will provide you with spiritual, mental and physical renewal in the summer. Take a look at the suggestions to help you have a good season despite the sweltering heat.

There's a scientific reason why many people love summer even more, despite the sweltering heat. In the summer months, depending on the sunlight, the happiness hormone called serotonin rises more, while the sleep hormone called melatonin decreases. With the summer season, people's body changes with the effect of the sun.

Let's take a look at 8 suggestions that will help you be more lively and fit in the summer months.

8 Tips for Summer Refresh

Stay Outdoors

In autumn and winter, we encounter more negative psychological effects with the darkening and cooling of the weather. Lack of sunlight can put a person in a pessimistic mood and trigger depression. Since the summer sun will create an antidepressant effect, make you feel better and support your physical, mental and spiritual regeneration, you should definitely spend time outside, provided that you take precautions to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Drink lots of Water

Since our body loses water through sweating in the summer heat, do not wait to be thirsty to drink water, drink plenty of water. Our brain needs water just as much as our body. Water, which is the source of life, when consumed sufficiently, reduces headaches and prevents stress, while helping people to increase their learning abilities. It keeps the body awake and alive and makes you feel energetic.

Move on

One of the most important factors to start the day happily is movement/sports. Walking briskly for 45 minutes every day and breathing only through the nose increases the amount of oxygen and glucose that will go to the brain by providing blood circulation, improves the mood of the person with the production of dopamine and serotonin, and is good for anxiety. and depression.

Manage Time

In summer evenings, we can stay outside for a long time when it gets dark, and we can spend more time with our friends outside or at home. Research shows that being in a circle of friends and strong social networks has a strong positive effect on one's physical and mental health. Do not forget that prolonging the time is good for our souls and makes us happy.

Healthy Eating

Consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits is higher in summer than in winter. Scientific studies; Indicates that a low-calorie diet prolongs life. In summer, we can meet all our needs in a balanced way, especially protein and natural sugar, since we eat relatively low-calorie and healthy foods compared to winter and consume mostly light foods with vegetable weights.

Open New Areas for Yourself

Open new areas for yourself by managing your time correctly, instead of spending time on topics or people that 'will not benefit you, will not be good for your soul' on television, the internet and social media. Changes you make in your interests will also positively affect your mental health.

Do a Mind Detox

The reason for the emotional changes that differ according to the season; It comes from the brain's secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is a secretion that makes us happy. Let's see how melatonin is secreted with daylight. So enjoy the summer and set sail for positive thoughts. Get rid of bad thoughts that are not good for your soul, mind and body and apply a mental detox.

Choose Happiness

Choose topics and people that make you happy. We're not talking about instant happiness here. After and after, it is necessary to make choices that make people feel good, bring peace and happiness and take them one step further.

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