10 Tips for a Good and Healthy Life from the Expert

10 Tips for a Good and Healthy Life from the Expert

Nutritionist and sustainable living activist Mary L. Bean said that it is possible to live a better life with healthy eating habits and made 10 suggestions.

Nutrition is one of the most important elements of health. Because all the food we eat affects both our physical and mental health. So what is the most correct and sustainable way of eating for us? Nutritionist and sustainable living activist Mary L Bean has 10 tips for a good and healthy life.


10 Tips for a Good and Healthy Life

1- Follow the green Mediterranean diet. This is a diet that recommends eliminating red meat and processed meat products from your diet and replacing them with vegetable proteins. Use olive oil in your meals.

2- Choose seasonal, local and geographically marked products. Consume products that are starting to come to the fore with their health benefits.

3- Consume sustainable, seasonal fish caught with the right size criteria in your fish selections.

4- Prefer organic products, but be careful with what you consume with food literacy. Pay attention to the journey of the products until they reach the plate.

5- Drinking moktails, that is, non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks. Tea and smoothies are also a good choice.

6- Include legumes such as sprouted lentils, chickpeas and mung beans in your meals.

7- Remember that pasta with legumes is healthier than pasta made from flour.

8- Use palm puree instead of refined sugar.

9- If you prefer a plant-based diet, choose vegan products that are high in vitamins to get adequate nutritional content.

10- Use plant milk instead of animal milk.

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