10 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga - Pregnancy Yoga

10 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga - Pregnancy Yoga

Here are 10 benefits of pregnancy yoga (prenatal yoga), which aims to make the pregnancy process more comfortable and prepare the body for birth.

Pregnancy yoga is the whole of the work that prepares the body mentally and spiritually for motherhood and birth. Pregnancy yoga, also called prenatal yoga, is for all women who are pregnant, not just women preparing for a normal birth.

Pregnancy yoga is performed in the company of a yoga specialist to make the pregnancy comfortable, relieve nausea, cramps and tensions, support the waist and spine with yoga posture exercises, and prepare the body for birth and beyond.


10 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

1- It supports the expectant mother physically and mentally.

2- Normal or cesarean delivery, regardless of the mode of delivery, reduces the tension at the time of delivery. It helps a normal birth to take place easier and faster.

3- It supports the development of the baby.

4- It allows the expectant mother to adapt to the body structure that changes day by day with pregnancy.

5- It prepares the body against low back and back pain, contributes to the elimination of existing pain.


6- It is effective in preventing edema and varicose veins that may occur in the lower part of the body.

7- It improves balance and helps prevent falls due to loss of balance.

8- It contributes to the balancing of mood fluctuations that may occur due to the changing hormonal structure during pregnancy.

9- It helps to eliminate the fear of childbirth.

10- With breathing exercises, it helps the expectant mother to manage the normal birth process well.

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