What to Do For a Fuller and Brighter Skin?

What to Do For a Fuller and Brighter Skin?

Every woman wants to have a brighter and fuller skin. Of course, this can be supported by natural methods. However, the two most effective applications known accelerate this situation. Here are suggestions from an esthetician for a brighter skin.

Estheticians, who make suggestions to those who want to have a fuller and brighter skin, generally recommend two procedures. One of them is Trinity Lift and the other is Filler and Botox.

The esthetician, who gave information about Trinity Lift, a new cosmetic approach to the skin, said that many young and middle-aged people prefer this method, and it takes about 2 hours when it is done under general anesthesia.

Trinity Lift

It targets the middle of the face, tear deformity, the most problematic area under the eyes that do not disappear with filling, the lower eyelid areas. With the Trinity lift, these three points are stretched to remove the deformity of the mid face and under the eyes. As a result of the procedure, tear deformities formed under the eyes are removed, and the fallen cheek tissue is lifted up.

The healing process is 7 to 10 days as a result of this procedure, which is suitable for everyone over the age of 20, regardless of gender.

Fillers and Botox

Botox, the unchanged application of wrinkle treatment for years, can be easily applied to many points of the face.

Botox, which is applied to many points, especially eyebrows, jawline, lips, forehead, nose and cheekbones, is also preferred for migraine and excessive sweating problems.

One of the reasons why the filling method is generally preferred is that the application and healing process is very easy. For local anesthesia, cream is applied and the area is waited for numbness. After reaching numbness, the filling process begins. It takes about 30 minutes, depending on the area to be treated. Since it is done with a needle, it is normal to have needle marks for 1-2 hours. After 2 hours after the procedure, the scar will disappear on its own. After the procedure, the person can easily continue his normal life.

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