How to heal your scar? What you can do to heal the scar...

How to heal your scar? What you can do to heal the scar...

Physical traumas, surgeries, accidents and subsequent surgical sutures, diseases, burns, burn marks, some skin infections and cuts can cause scar formation. So how does the scar go, how should the first intervention be done? Let's see together...

Wounds that leave marks on the upper layer of the skin can affect the psychological state of people. It is a very disturbing situation for the person, especially if there is a trace in a visible area. Scars occur due to factors such as trauma, surgery, falling, cutting, and burning. Scars are left everywhere that is cut in surgeries, but these traces are tried to be hidden or minimized in surgeries. In fact, it cannot be completely destroyed, but its visibility is reduced, it can be overlooked.

Does the Scar Go Away Over Time?

Scars can be caused by a past injury, surgery, or other cause. Although it is desired to completely disappear, the scar tissue may be permanent because it is different from the surrounding tissues.

Which Scars Will Remain?

Many scars disappear on their own without treatment, but can leave scars. However, keloids (continuation and growth of tissue repair) and acne scars may not disappear. As you age, acne scars become more noticeable as your skin loses its firmness.

How Does a Scar Heal?

  • Surgical intervention
  • Silicone printing
  • Wound creams
  • Laser therapy
  • Fat injection
  • Dermabrasion peeling
  • Antibiotic creams

One of the most important things in the treatment of scars is sun protection along with scar cream. If we expose a newly formed scar to the sun, there may be a discoloration there. There may be a permanent stain that looks more like a scar than a scar. It is necessary to protect that area with high factor sunscreens for at least a year.

Which Vitamin Heals Wounds?

The body needs certain vitamins to heal wounds. In particular, zinc, vitamins A and B help heal the scar. In addition, a balanced diet and vitamin C are beneficial for wound healing.

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